Calendar 2017

Saturday February 18th 2017 Attack Hill 100. The enemy has overrun our positions on Hill 100. It is imperative that it be retaken. Your mission is simple, storm the hill, remove the enemy. Will you survive the 2 hour battle, find out! regeneration format.

Saturday April 15th 2017 Easter egg games 
As our way of saying thanks to those who play and serve. We are giving away a bunch of great prizes! Normal rate as always

Saturday June 17th 2017    Axis vs. Allies
          6 hour regeneration game. Multiple objectives, lots of players, and a few choice missions. Play as much as you can handle!

More to come. Check back soon!


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              February 18th 2017
                 Attack Hill 100
A small but determined force has overrun Hill 100. Your mission should you decide to accept it, storm Hill 100! Will you survive? Find out!